[And] ‘Been Together’ now has Lock Screen!

There has been many inquiries about using ‘Been Together’ app as a lock screen. There was no such function, but people kept asking about it. I wondered where does that kind of story came from. (I guess that it is a misunderstanding of the push notifications shown on the lock screen.)

However, it seems like a desired function, so now ‘Been Together’ can be used as a lock screen! Actually Android doesn’t support changing the default lock screen, so it just works like a lock screen, not replace.

How to use ‘Been Together’ as a Lock screen

Been Together setting


Go to ‘Settings‘ and check ‘Use as Lock Screen‘.

Then after turning on the screen,

Been Together Lock Screen

Voila! It shows up like a Lock screen. I know the design need improvements..

Also, the default lock screen will appear together, so it will be better to disable the default lock screen from the system settings.

The lock screen doesn’t appear sometimes, so we are working out to improve the stability.

Thank you very much.

Download ‘Been Together’ Android version

Download ‘Been Together’ iOS version