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Is Android good yet?

Let’s check..

Is Android good yet?

When it will be? It’s when 2/3 of android users use OS above Jelly Bean(4.1) and 2/3 of andriod users use browsers other than the Stock browser.

The thing about OS version is obvious, but the Android Stock browser? Benchmark shows that the Stock browser is better than the Chrome browser..

However, Android Stock browser could vary by phone maker’s customization and it’s not easy to update. Maybe that could be the point.

Google Graveyard


The Google Graveyard

This page shows the discontinued products from Google for people to express their condolence by leaving a flower ๐Ÿ™ Recently, Google Reader enters the graveyard.

You could see the full list of services from there.

I didn’t knew iGoogle has gone. Also Google Wave and Google Buzz reminds me the memories of the past. Some products like Google Listen or Lively is very unfamiliar to me.

They reserved the last place for Google Glass, but I personally think Google+ is the one to be deceased first than others.